1,To show style at work, to show taste at party A/II, every moment, a stylish you Your style is the focus People wear AII are in the center of the attention. During the day, their work hard, win appreciation with professionalism; at leisure time, they play with style, catch attentions with their fine demeanor and fashion sense. They dress well, not only follow fashion trend and also quality, not being unconventional, but show extraordinary fashion sense in the details. Design to the attitude, A / II, always dress decently to win the attention with fashion style!
2, Haute backbone, Fashion outlook A/II, 2010 rise in Hong Kong Two cutting-edge designers from Malaysia, travel the world with cloth ruler, to look for fashion inspiration. Party is their paradise, is also their battleground. At first, they make clothes for each other, unique tailoring, interesting details, haute couture-like design, soon became the topic in the fashion circle.   Achieve fashion taste through details is the usual practice of A/II. Therefore A/II design, couture fine details can be found everywhere. Experimental fashion can have a fine taste; follow the trend, but more to the quality. At work, show professionalism and also fashion sense; at party, show fashion trend but also fine taste! A/II, is to interpret such fashion attitude, you look decent at every moment, with A/II, you are the center of the attention. Fashion is your armor.
3. Achieve fashion taste in the details. Unique tailoring, meticulous decoration, fun design! In AII, every single product has the couture-like details, in small quantity but distinctive, stylish and decent, no mass production fashion trend. A/II does not blindly follow the trend which lacks of quality. A/II achieve fashion taste in the details. A/II, fashion is in the details